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You're just 3 steps away from turning the photos on your phone or computer into big head signs. 

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3 Sizes to Choose From

(approximate size)

12" x 18"

12x18' inch big head cutout sign

18" x 24"

18 x 24' inch big head cutout sign

24" x 36"

24 x 36' inch big head cutout sign

What Makes Our Signs Head and Shoulders Above the Rest?

You can buy big head signs from lots of places, we get that. But we think you'll keep coming back to us. Know why?

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders over $100.  Consider grouping your order with others.

Amazing Customer Service

We've reduced the process to 3 simple steps. You just worry about getting us the photos and we'll take it from there.  

Best Value

You can order as few as 1 of our giant head signs but you'll enjoy some of the lowest prices per head on orders of 10 or more signs.  Consider grouping your order with others.

When are Big Head Cutout Signs Appropriate?
Spoiler Alert: Always.


Help the happy couple celebrate their big day by waving their big heads back at them.

Sports Teams

We got big heads, yes we do, we got big heads, how 'bout you?!


It's true.  Kids love it when their parents wave a giant sign with their face on it from the crowd.

Our twins' faces turned 3 shades of red at graduation when we waved big heads on a stick at them.

Robin H.Robin H.Mom

These were pretty easy to order.  Couldn't be happier with the entire process.

ScottScottPine River Events

We saved tons by collecting from the rest of the parents and placing a team order.

Jill S.Jill S.Aiden's Mom

Big Head Cutout Sign FAQs

Tips for Successful Big Heads1. Send us the biggest, highest quality photo available to you.  Cellphone photos are fine but a general rule of thumb is - if you zoom in with your phone and it's blurry, it will look blurry on a sign.  Sometimes that's okay.  Up to you.  

2. If your models have dark clothes, use a light background.

3. If you have multiple models, photograph them all from the same distance.  

We will make every attempt at making your big head cut out signs turn out the best.

Save by ordering moreWe can print just 1 big head sign for you but we start out with giant sheets of plastic so we have to charge more for a single sign.  If you can, buy more than one or get a few others to join your order.

Blemishes?  Redeye?  Extra chins?Have one of our Photoshop Wizards make them go away.  Just let us know at checkout.

Long Hair/Short HairWhen you place your order you have the option of telling us how to treat long hair.  Consider that keeping long hair can make faces smaller in the final sign.

PrivacyAny information including but not limited to your photographs that we collect are used solely to produce your order, and nothing more.

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